New Waiver Law For Illegals

New Waiver Law For Illegals

If your foreign spouse is in the U.S. illegally, he or she may not have to depart the U.S. and wait for months for a decision on the I-601 Extreme Hardship Waiver.

Now the illegal foreign spouse can remain in the U.S. until the USCIS either approves ordenies the 601 waiver request. If the waiver is approved, the individual can remain in the U.S. until a day or two before the visa interview in his or her country. Then the illegal spouse will travel to their country, take a medical exam and have the visa interview. In most countries the visa is issued a day or two after the visa interview. Because the I-601 waiver will be approved before the foreign spouse departs the U.S., he or she will only have to stay outside of the U.S., away from their spouse and family, for a few days in most situations.

This new immigration policy only applies to illegal spouses who are currently in the U.S., who have only one violation of the U.S. border and who do not have more than a minimal criminal history.

At Fast Immigration, we have filed and had approved over I-601 waivers through many different countries. Our current approval rate for I-601 waivers is 90%.

If you are interested in your spouse becoming legal without having to leave you and your family for many months while waiting in his or her home country for a waiver that may never be approved, please call us (818) 291-0581 . We will be glad to discuss your situation with you. We will ask you some questions and then tell you what we believe the chances of success are with the I-601 waiver for your situation. We do not charge for these calls.

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